Street style Roman - 4 april - 1pm-3pm : In that we will learn street style Roman dance with faster rhythm of 9-8. Ozgen will explain the culture of roman people and some of the hands and body posturing that refers their daily life. Come to learn energetic fiery Roman dance
Links to videos : 1 - 2 - 3

Wow Drum solo - 4 april - 4pm-6pm : If you like drum solo and you want to wow your audience with powerful dance this is an amazing workshop to learn some hip moves and jazz it up with Ozgens impressive hand and arm movement
total show off style

TangOriental - 5 april - 1pm-3.30pm : Come Spice up your repertoire and learn some of the traditional tango steps to the popular Tango song " La Cumparsita (Oriental Version)". Ozgen is fusing his past Tango dance experience with bellydance technique to create a passionate performance piece with lots of Tango characterization and Oriental sensuality
Turkish style belly dance - 5 april - 4pm-6pm : Join Ozgen to learn an amazing belly dance chorography. Spice up your dance knowledge with turkish style focusing turns and lot of turn with strong dramatic character